Exhibition Stall Fabrication

GLOBAL RETAIL is a leading designer , developer , manufacturer & supplier of supreme quality moduler retail fixture like LED TV display stand, RO display stand, vaccum cleaner display stand , AC display stand, REF/WASHING M/C podium, super market rack’s , heavy duty rack’s, Stainless steel hanger, gondola, kiosks, showroom branding, signage, Arcylic & glass display & more.
We provide high quality, high weight supporting, anticorriosion, reasionable structure, easy to assamble features with advance technology, equipments & good creadibility.
We have a good technical staff for R&D & skillfull engineers to develop any kind of retail display fixtures to meet our coustmer requirement.
Our people will cherish our obtained achievement & countinously offer you the best service with our best quality & competitive price.